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23andMe DNA Testing Kit Class Action Settlement
Settlement Deadline: 12/06/2017
Did You Purchase a 23andMe DNA Testing Kit? Claim $12.50 in Cash or a $40 Certificate! Purchasers of a Personal Genome Service from 23andMe from a few years back can now claim benefits from a class action settlement. Under terms of the settlement, qualifying purchasers of a PGS can claim either a cash payment or a certificate good toward the purchase of a Genetic Testing Kit from the 23andMe website.

Hooters Text Message Spam Class Action Settlement
Settlement Deadline: 12/20/2017
If You Received Unsolicited Text Spam From Hooters, Claim a Free Gift Card! Persons who received unsolicited text messages from Hooters can now claim benefits from a nearly $1.3 million class action settlement.

Olympic Rescue It! Class Action Settlement
Settlement Deadline: 08/24/2018
If You Used Rescue It! Wood Resurfacer Products, You May Qualify for This $6.5M Settlement! A $6.5 million settlement has been proposed in a class action lawsuit alleging PPG Industries Inc. manufactured Rescue It! and Revitalize products with design flaws that cause them to crack, peel, bubble and damage the decking or substrate to which they are applied.

Hertz Parking Violation Fee Class Action Settlement
Settlement Deadline: 11/30/2017
Did You Get a Parking Violation While Renting From Hertz? Claim Up to $20! A $2 million settlement has resolved class action claims that Hertz improperly charged its renters administrative or handling fees for parking violations.

National Penn Overdraft Class Action Settlement
Settlement Deadline: 11/07/2017
If You Were Charged Overdraft Fees by National Penn Bank, You May Qualify For This $975K Settlement. National Penn Bank has agreed to pay $975,000 to settle allegations that it improperly applied overdraft fees to customer accounts. The allegations were brought by plaintiff Jennifer Collier in an overdraft fees class action lawsuit filed in June 2012. Collier alleges that defendant National Penn charged overdraft fees on debit transactions that did not actually overdraw the account. The bank allegedly assessed these fees based on the account’s available balance, instead of using the ledger balance. The ledger balance tends to be higher and would not result in as many overdraft fees.

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