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Real Ham Bone for Dogs Class Action Settlement
Settlement Deadline: 09/09/2017
Did You Purchase Real Ham Bone Products For Your Dog? You could be owed $2,500! Dynamic Pet Products LLC and Frick’s Meat Products Inc. have agreed to settle a class action lawsuit alleging they engaged in false and deceptive marketing of the Real Ham Bone for Dogs products. “Defendants represent in their advertising and marketing materials that the Real Ham Bone For Dogs is a safe and appropriate product for dogs,” the Real Ham Bone class action lawsuit says. “These representations are false and misleading because the product is extremely hazardous to dogs.”

Joe’s Jeans, Hudson Clothing ‘Made in USA’ Class Action Settlement
Settlement Deadline: 06/19/2017
Did you purchase Joe's Jeans clothes? Then you could claim a free gift! Joe’s Jeans Inc. and Hudson Clothing LLC have reportedly agreed to settle a class action lawsuit alleging they misrepresented the country of origin of some of their clothing products by claiming they were “Made in USA” even though they contained foreign-made component parts.

Similasan Homeopathic Products Class Action Settlement
Settlement Deadline: 09/07/2017
Did you purchase Similasan-brand homeopathic products? Then you could claim up to $30! A settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit that alleges Similasan Corporation made false and misleading representations about some of its homeopathic products.

Revlon DNA Advantage Cosmetics Class Action Settlement
Settlement Deadline: 06/05/2017
Did You Purchase Revlon's DNA Advantage Makeup Line? See What You Can Claim! Parties have reached a settlement in a false advertising class action lawsuit over the Revlon DNA Advantage line of cosmetics.

Iovate Hydroxycut Supplements Class Action Settlement
Settlement Deadline: 05/30/2017
Did You Purchase Iovate Hydroxycut Supplements? You could claim a full refund or $28 without proof of purchase! Iovate Health Services Sciences USA Inc. has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit alleging it made false and misleading statements regarding the effectiveness of its Hydroxycut dietary supplements.

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